Kick-Off meeting photo gallery

Alec Downey, Thorsten Balke, Marie Wimmler, Alejandra Vovides, Uta Berger, Guillermos Angeles, Jorge López-Portillo and Adewole Olagoke
Informal welcome dinner with all the team: Nadezhda Nadezhdina, Alec Downey, Guillermos Angeles, Thorsten Balke, Jorge López-Portillo, Alejandra Vovides, Marie Wimmler and Uta Berger
Learning to use the Field Map tool. Fantastic equipment to gather all sorts of details of a forest stand. From location to forest structure.
Presentations on Mangrove modelling, hydrology, anatomy, ecophysiology and their connection to root grafts
Prof. Dr. Uta Berger, our project leader
Last day in Dresden. A bit of Dresden’s history and a completely new side of Uta’s wisdom.
Thank you Dresden!
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