Back to La Mancha… wondering if we can detect chlorophyll changes in the canopies of grafted trees

Covid-19 brought many limitations to academic life, but this time it actually gave us a chance. Due to traveling restrictions in some countries still by early-midd 2022, Kangyong, a PhD student at the University of Glasgow, was unable to carry out his fieldwork as he had originally planed. Aiming to develop Machine learning protocols to estimate biomass of mangroves through aerial images, he needed some ground data to validate his models.

Kangyong Zhang – University of Glasgow, UK

He joined us in Mexico, equipped with a rangefinder, a GPS, diametric tape and a UAV fitted with MAPIR sensors, we took of to La Mancha to get some ground structure data for his biomass models and to explore the possibility of detecting chlorophyll differences in the canopies of our root graft mapped plots.

This is still definitely a work still in progress, building the mosaics is just a first step… but we can share a different view from our forests here. Looking forward to sharing more very soon!

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