2022- Early season activities

We started off catching up with the equipment and our Mexico-based team in early April

Throughout 2019- 2021 Marie Christin-Wimmler and Hannah James Bowen collaborated long distance developing (Marie) and testing (Hannah) our sap flow analyser tool (coming out soon). Here, the roles shifted and Hannah spent a good deal of time helping us understand and troubleshoot the wealth of equipment we’d be taking to the field with us.

With hybrid working still on at INECOL and their catering services still shut down, we had the opportunity to discover wonderful coffee gardens to continue discussing and planing field experiments… and to practice our sensor installation skills on pretty dead wood logs.

We also visited the Mangroves of La Mancha, where we had originally planned our work, but you know how it goes… life happens and we were sent up north, to the promised dry season.

Can’t help getting distracted by the diversity of life in the tropics. Uta was fascinated by the aerodynamic attributes of somme tree seeds.

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