Project publications

Wimmler MC, Vovides AG, Peters R, Walther M, Nadezhdina N, Berger U. 2022. Root grafts matter for inter-tree water exchange – a quantification of water translocation between root grafted mangrove trees using field data and model-based indications. Annals of Botany.

Vovides AG, Wimmler MC, Schrewe F, Balke T, Zwanzig M, Piou C, Delay E, López-Portillo J, Berger U. 2021. Cooperative root graft networks benefit mangrove trees under stress. Communications Biology 4, 513

Wimmler MC, Bathmann J, Peters R, Jiang J, Walther M, Lovelock CE, Berger U. 2021. Plant–soil feedbacks in mangrove ecosystems: establishing links between empirical and modelling studies. Trees 35: 1423–1438

Collaboration papers

Balke T, Vovides AG, Ladd CJT, Huxham M. 2022. The conservation narrative is shifting from crisis to ecosystem services. Marine Biodiversity (In press)

Jucker T, Fisher JF, Chave J, et al. 2022. Tallo: A global tree allometry and crown architecture database. Global Change Biology

Basyuni M, Bimantara Y, Nguyen TKC, Balke T, Vovides AG. 2021. Macrozoobenthic community assemblage as key indicator for mangrove restoration success in North Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia. Restoration Ecology 30: e13614.

Loubota-Panzou G, Fayolle A, Jucker T, et al. 2020. Pantropical variability in tree crown allometry. Global Ecology and Biogeography 30:459 – 475

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