Radio Interview “More than forest noise: how trees communicate with each other”.

This interview was carried our by Hanna Ronzheimer, for the ORF radio program “Dimensionen”.


How can trees cooperate?, are root systems facilitating forest social networks?. Have a listen to our latest interview (click here to go to interview, available only in german)


We are happy to share a new press release on our project:

“Do mangrove trees support each other by exchanging resources through root networks? In the research project “Kropotkin’s Garden”, scientists from Mexico, Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic are working on plant cooperation – questioning established theories of evolutionary biology.

The project focuses in particular on the transfer of water between plants: Trees that have better access to water can supply their conspecifics with water and nutrients during drought. In doing so they could offer an important advantage for survival in salt stress or extreme weather events such as storms.

The project is supported by the Volkswagen Foundation’s programme “Offen – für Außergewöhnliches” (Off-The-Beaten-Track)”.


Almost ready for our Kick-Off meeting, to be celebrated in Dresden, Germany from the 26th of May to the 1st June.


We are very happy to welcome Marie Wimmler to our team as a PhD at the Institute of Forest growth and Forest Computer Sciences (TU Dresden). Marie will be modelling sap flow between grafted trees as well as analysing tree networks.


All project members are looking forward to meet for the first time at our Project Kick-Off meeting form the 26th of May to the 1st of June in Dresden, Germany. We will talk about root networks, sediments, sap flow and lots of modelling.


Happy to announce we will be talking about mangrove root grafts at MMM5, Singapore. Hoping to meet a growing research community.


We look forward to present our first project advances to the mangrove community at MMM5 2019, Singapore.

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